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Transformation Beauty 365 Clay Mask detoxifies your skin while pushing nutrients deep into the dermal layers of your skin resulting in healthier skin.


Our Clay Mask effectively heals Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Inflammation and Psoriasis and balances either Oily or Dry skin. Results go way beyond the results you experience with normal clay masks.


Transformation Beauty 365 Clay Mask is the result of years of research and development, powered by our mission to discover the most powerful and effective natural substances for skin renewal and Anti-Ageing from around the globe. No other Clay Mask has almost 80 minerals in an organic form that your cells can instantly use to repair and renew your skin.


The main ingredient in Transformation Beauty 365 Clay Mask is based upon an important discovery regarding why certain groups of people living in a few isolated areas of the world (the Ural Mountains of Pakistan, the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia and Russia, the Andies of Peru, the Himalayas of China, and the Wasatch Mountains of Utah) can live to the age of 120 to 140 years old. Scientists discovered a rare montmorillorite clay in the soil of these regions that was particularly rich in minerals.


After that discovery, we began researching why this special clay had been proven to increase enzyme production in living cells. After verifying these results, we discovered only one small clay deposit with the proper molecular structure that would allow these rich minerals to be absorbed directly into the skin by topical application.


Transformation Beauty 365 Clay Mask is the only product available which utilises this rare clay as it’s main ingredient to deliver these vital nutrients through the skin.


Transformation Beauty 365 Clay Mask also includes the essences of 24 proprietary extracted organic and wildcrafted herbs that have been proven to restore and rejuvenate, the skin. Finally, we add a mixture of deeply penetrating oils along with the delicious fragrance of essential oils to create the most powerful, all natural Skin Rejuvenation product ever developed.


Applying Transformation Beauty 365 Clay Mask to your face will infuse your skin with a wealth of nutrients, will remove damaging toxins, and will give you amazing age-fighting and skin regenerating results. You will also experience outstanding exfoliation, hydration, and superior anti-oxidant protection.


The pores of the skin will become smaller, and the skin will generally appear smoother, more toned, and tighter. Your skin will radiate with a healthier and more vibrant glow.


Anti-Aging requires removing the dead skin cells to assist the emergence of new skin. As you keep using the mask your results will become more pronounced.

4 oz (114gm)

Clay Mask

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This is a hand made product from start to finish. Only the Best, Natural ingredients are used to create this product.

Every  single product we make is made with ingredients derived from Fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables so that the thousands of Nutrients in these Foods are small enough to  penetrate and feed Your Skin


They are also formulated with a  Proprietary Preservation System so the products can be a source of  Topically Applied Nutrition without toxicity.


Nutrients  coming into contact with Cells is the Source of Life. Directly feeding  Your Skin these Food Extracted Nutrients creates profound Skin Effects  in particular Anti -Ageing


Whether its Firming, Tightening Your Skin,  Reducing Age Spots, Exfoliation, Increased Hydration, Lifting, Lightening and many others.

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